Why I decided to Blog in Kenya

The reason I started this Blog in Kenya is to provide much need information about a Blog. A blog it’s like journal where you express your thoughts freely using a keyboard. Its becomes a blog when you post it on the internet. Internet it’s an amazing place because you can post your blog for free on numerous platforms.

Free Blog Hosting sites.

There are quite a number of free blog hosting site on the internet like blogger by Google and here in Kenya you can host your blog at www.raia.co.ke

I happen to be the proprietor for www.raia.co.ke so for me it’s easy to host my own blog.

You can write to me on media@raia.co.ke requesting for a space to host your blog. For sure I will create a space for you for free.

Later on you can buy your own domain name host your blog on your own.

Prices to start your Own Blog in Kenya

To host your own blog you must decide to dedicate time to write. Writing must be your passion. Although there are ghost writers out there who can write on your behalf, it is important that you also write your own articles. Below are basic prices for hosting your own blog.

  1. Domain name – yourname.co.ke, yourname.com etc – costs from Kshs.1000 and above
  2. Hosting – Where will be your blog be sitting. – Hosting costs from 200 bob per month. Yearly 1500/=
  3. Blog engine – This is the website and the ability to update it on your own. The most popular blog engine is WordPress. To get set up on a wordpress is about Ksh. 3,000 one off.
  4. Writing is free since you are the one to be writing on your own blog. You might also invite other bloggers like me Ian Mbogo to write on your blog.
  5. Get readers to your blog. Getting readers to come to your blog will depend on how you write and your target audience.
  6. Monetize your blog. Depending on the crowd you pull to your blog, you can earn some money from your blog by letting Google Adsense advertise on your blog, have Facebook Network advertise on your blog or have me pay you to endorse my products. – reach me on media@raia.co.ke on how I can buy advertising space on your blog.

The real cost for starting your own blog in Kenya varies from hosting providers and your blog designer. But with just Kshs. 5,000 we can have your blog up and running and ready to monetize. Our product Express Website will cater all your blog needs for just Ksh.5,000. Click here to Order.

The real reason I decided to start my own blog

The main reason I started my blog in Kenya is to market my products. The secondary reason is to try and answer questions on technology and digital marketing.

The tertiary reason for writing my blog is to create my brand name. You search Ian Mbogo you end up on my blog that leads you to my products and services. You reach on my products you end up buying my products.

This blog is 512 words and it is unedited.

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