JivoChat, the new way to meet your website visitors

Talk to your website Visitors!

Ever wondered how you can interact or talk to your website visitors online? Sometimes you are using Google Analytics and you can see you have 120 site visitors online. You feel like you want to talk to each one of them directly and assist. This helps conversion because you are interacting one on one- a Kenyan way of converting a client. JivoChat is the Answer!

I am a web developer turned into Digital marketing. In digital marketing, you are always analyzing the traffic, i.e. where the traffic is coming from, what users are browsing on your website, and most importantly the conversion rate.

 Are your web visitors turning into buying customers?


Two things help me converting website visitors into buying customers. Number one it’s JivoChat. JivoChat it’s an amazing product that lets you talk to your site visitors in real time. Have you been to a website and after a minute a pop up comes “how may I help you?”. 

That’s the power of JivoChat. It improves the interaction between the site owner and the web visitors who are happy to talk to a real person. The web visitors opens up on what they are looking for that helps big time on your conversion.

Advertising online and Jivochat

I operate a web portal www.raia.co.ke in Kenya. The site markets my web design and digital marketing services. I drive traffic to my site using Google adwords and Facebook advertising. Once am running a campaign, I logon to my JivoSite on my desktop to wait for the visitors. And true to the Application (JivoChat), I can see who is online on my site. I can chat with visitors online and answer their queries. Since I started using Jivochat, I have increased my conversion by 60%.

JivoChat Features

With JivoChat, you can see how many customers and visitors are on your website and the sources they are coming from. It is a revolutionary app in the web development that also shows your previous conversation with your site visitors.


I find it fun chatting with people visiting my website www.raia.co.ke. It’s amazing how I can view their contact info in advance especially when their source it’s Facebook. I was amazed when you ask someone their telephone number and they start to type what you already know. The app lets you see what your web visitor is typing letter by letter even before they hit submit. This lets you to respond quickly to their queries and improves customer interaction.

I would like to recommend JivoChat to all the web developers, digital marketers and website owners who want to increase their web conversion.

To install and to start free trial with JivoChat, click on the link below;


Their prices are friendly and I find worth every cent that they charge.


If you would like further assistance on how you can integrate JivoChat to your website, you can contact me on my address imbogo@raia.co.ke or call me on +254724546420.

Ian Mbogo is a Web Designer and Digital Marketing based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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