Digital Marketing Pricing and Online Marketing Charges

Digital Marketing is one of my growing portfolios. Some call it online marketing but it’s one and the same thing. The challenge I get with potential clients it’s how to structure the charges. You see digital products have no definite price lists. For example, registering a domain name, corporate emails and webhosting. Some will charge you for the domain name, others will charge you for the number of emails while the most conservative ones will charge you per Gb space.

Complicated Digital Marketing Pricing models

Even the digital media platforms like Google and Facebook do not have definitive price list. Facebook will charge you per engagement, sometimes per click and less often per conversion. Google on the other hand will insist to charge you per click, sometime they will agree to charge you per impressions and so on. It becomes even more complicated if you were to buy digital space directly from the web owners like,, blogs like Daily post, They will quote for you a monthly figure or weekly figure without proper justification.

If digital spaces are this complicated how are we supposed to charge the customers? Most potential customers that I meet remark digital marketing to be cheap. It is cheaper according to the presentations that I do for them at least. But the good thing is that Digital Marketing entry fee is low.

Media Spend Pricing

After doing little research on the best practices for charging media and advertising, I found the most appropriate rate to be a percentage of your media spend. That is to say if you spend 100,000sh on media, I will charge you 30% of what you spent. That’s about 30k from the above example. But most small businesses are not familiar with this arrangement. A Kenyan businessman will book the ad for themselves and wonder why pay you for something they can do. Some tech savvy business owners also think they can easily book an advert on Adwords and Facebook on their own.

My Digital Marketing Pricing

Well I tell you a professional service will deliver far much better results than doing it by yourself. My Digital Marketing charges are based on objectives and are billed monthly. This way we are able to benchmark what results to expect and allow you to recoup your Return on Investment. My minimum charge per month is Ksh. 20,000 excluding media spend.

Monthly Budget.

  1. Media Buying Budget – directly Payable to Facebook & Google

Facebook Ads = 15,000

Google Search & Display Ads = 15,000

  1. Digital Marketing Consultancy and Monitoring Fee = 20,000.

My fee includes;

  • Strategy
  • Creative and copy writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

So to run successful digital marketing and harness meaningful results, you need to budget Ksh. 50,000 per month. This will guarantee you Return on Investment.

You are welcome to comment on the pricing model for your digital marketing.

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