Running a successful Digital Marketing campaign

There are several processes involved to run a successful Digital marketing. For my clients campaigns I use the below tactics.

    1. Objective. What do you want to achieve? Conversions, reach or brand awareness
    2. Budget. How much are you willing to spend per month and for how long?
    3. Good responsive website. The website should provide as much information needed by potential customers.
    4. Enough personnel to engage incoming traffic. Should be there to answer phone calls and respond to online queries
    5. Proper landing pages. The landing pages should align with your adverts
    6. Web and social media monitors. For web I use Google Analytics and Facebook pixels
    7. Charming graphics. You need good graphics to engage your customers
    8. Target Audience. Remember there is the message, the offer and the audience. Shoot the write message and offer to the right audience
    9. Budget control. It doesn’t mean the more you spend is the more you get.
    10. Pause and analyze the metrics.

Digital Marketing Services for you

As a team leader for digital marketing, I work with few individuals to ensure your digital marketing becomes a success. I work with a graphic designer, web programmer, advertising copy writer and social media influencers.

Our services to you includes;

  1. Graphic designs
  2. Creative Designs
  3. Creating additional web pages to align with the campaigns
  4. Installing web analytics tools for data analysis
  5. Engaging every reaction of the campaigns. Comments on social media, returning calls and emails
  6. Data analysis to benchmark campaign objectives
  7. Budget control to ensure return on investment

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